Oh Mother!!!

A Guide for a Pandemic Mother’s Day Out of all the Mother’s Days, we can all agree this is one for the records! Most of us are used to taking mom to church, out to brunch, or maybe buying her something special at the mall. But this year we’re stuck in the house with no place to go but it’s … Read More

Potency N0. 710 Essential Stay Calm List for COVID-19

Let’s face it, the looming uncertainty of what is next is driving us all to our wit’s end. This doesn’t mean we have to do what everyone thinks we are going to do and freak out. In fact, there are many things that we can do to support each other as well as our own personal self during these times. … Read More

Weed Washing – How to Know

Weed Washing

Weed washing is a term being widely utilized to describe a heartbreaking trend that is becoming prevalent in the beauty industry. This trend is that of companies claiming they are offering products rich in naturally occurring CBD from hemp that barely contain CBD, if any at all. Many of these products contain hemp seed oil, rather than full spectrum CBD … Read More